Debbie does damage control – no risk and more reward from your events

This article was posted on Thursday, July 31st, 2014

5pm Thursday 9 Dec

Adele* kicks off her heels, steps precariously onto the edge of the chair and hoists herself up on the table. Peter* loosens the knot of his tie and slides it over his wine induced ruddy face to tighten it, pirate-style across his forehead.

His whoop-whoops of encouragement can be heard above the 80′s karaoke soundtrack and Adele responds by shaking what her mama gave her.

Debbie’s* PA, Alice* decides to take over the PA system and declare her undying loyalty to Debbie (the bestest boss in the world) even if it means keeping mum about Debbie’s office romance with the guy in accounts.

Thankfully the ‘guy in accounts’ left early, his wife had him on a strict curfew of one meal only this year; no turning the company luncheon into a meal marathon and staying for ‘supper’ too!

9am Friday 10 Dec

As Alice is given a message to call the restaurant urgently, she vaguely recalls her praise singing and Debbie’s early departure from the party.

Debbie looks about as angry as Alice’s head feels. She is handed yesterday’s bar bill and corporate credit card slip, made very real by Alice’s Picasso-esque signature. It is then, in her panic of over-expenditure that she notices Adele and Peter skulking in, he wearing the same tie that transported him to the Caribbean and she wearing the same high heels that added the breakages cost to the bar bill Debbie now pinches between her fingers.

It is in this moment of post damage and pre-damage control, that Debbie wonders whether she can salvage her career and her brand.

Although funny, this story leaves more than a hangover to deal with. The damage done to the brand is enormous; the staff and other people present at the venue won’t forget the logo and name written on the reservation sheet, shown on the banners and mentioned in the welcome speeches. What makes the situation worse, is knowing that it was a wasted opportunity, which if conceptualised and managed properly in accordance with the brand strategy, could have been utilised to communicate and entrench the brand values.

Power of 9 has a proud portfolio of events that have met and exceeded clients’ expectations and all worked synergistically with existing brand strategy. From the smallest details to the theme of the event, we ensure that the style, tonality and purpose of all elements are designed to realise the predetermined outcome of the event.

Over the past 10 years we have conceptualised and managed events with budgets ranging from a few thousand Rand to well over a million Rand. We have liaised and worked with headline entertainers, top chefs and catering companies, audio visual and other professionals. We have hosted events at modest venues as well as 5 star establishments and transformed unlikely environments into the perfect stage. No detail is overlooked; every scene and visual is designed, every experiences tailor-made and every memory captured.

Speak to us about how to get Adele off the table, give Peter some style, how to channel Alice’s loyalty and how to delight Debbie.

* Names have been changed to protect reputations.

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