Design and development

Creative ideas and creative action driven by strategic understanding; that is the premise our strategic brand agency, Power of 9, was founded upon.

Whether designing a new corporate identity, print communications, ads, signage, point-of-sale or packaging; or developing websites, mobile sites, email communication etc. the creative excellence of our work is matched only by the intuitive understanding of its purpose.

For creating work that is unfailingly fresh, unexpectedly relevant and strategically inspired, Power of 9’s network of design and development professionals is as consistent as stars in the sky.

Creativity that sells is the indelible line that links our stars to those of our clients and to the customers they serve.

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“Power of 9 was instrumental in creating ‘Kick TB’s’ fresh and vibrant ‘look and feel’ that did wonders in positively addressing a highly stigmatised disease such as TB, not only in South Africa, but globally. Power of 9 continuously gives us cutting edge innovation related to building our brand...

Dept. of Health (Kick TB)

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