Copy, content, social media & PR writing

As Coco Chanel used scissors to change women’s fashion through creations of comfort and style, writers use words to change people’s perceptions through creations of persuasion and purpose.

At Power of 9 our copywriters work closely with our graphic designers to create content, social media and PR communication that is on strategy, that resonates with relevance, that is clear and compelling.

Like the soundtrack of a movie, the words we use are integral to the visual and emotional impact of our creative work. They have power.

We understand online media; how to design it and how to write it. And when it comes to public relations, we understand that PR ‘tells’ while advertising ‘sells’. We are more than capable of doing both.

Whether we’re writing for a complex website, Facebook, multimedia or print, our words are a physical manifestation of an intellectual process that fully comprehends the needs of our clients’ brands and, in turn, of their target markets.

“Power of 9 have a very creative way of thinking, coupled with a sharp eye for detail. From my personal experience of Catherine Herbst’s involvement in our company branding, website design, PR and article writing, and promotion materials, her work speaks a million words for itself.”


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