Concept & creative direction

‘Nothing … is so powerful as an idea whose time has come’.

Great creative concepts stir emotion and evoke action. They are always simple. Deceptively so.

Reason is, great creative concepts are born from brand strategies. Like quasars, they burst forth with brilliant, unexpected light in minds which have a deep and abiding understanding of the brand strategies which spawned them.

The effective communication of concepts from strategy-inspired ideas into results-orientated action is the result of creative direction that is responsible, informed and inspirational.

Catherine Graham (Herbst), Power of 9’s Strategic Creative Director, has lived these truths since the agency’s inception in 2004. Together with courageous clients and inspired graphic designers and copywriters, Power of 9 has crafted creative concepts that stir emotion and evoke action. In other words, creative concepts that sell.

“Throughout our 6 year association with Power of 9 they have always given us the feeling of confidence and understanding and while preserving our long standing successful image, they have managed to take our brand identity to a whole new level.”

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