Brand strategy & marketing planning

Power of 9 opened doors in 2004. We also opened minds; first as a strategic brand consultancy and then as a strategic brand agency.

Strategy – the how, what, where, when and to whom brands communicate – is at the heart of Power of 9. Our brand strategies are inseparably linked to the values and business strategies of our clients’ organisations. They facilitate a sustainable cycle of communication; a constant, consistent flow that reinforces brand values and builds brand equity.

We develop brand strategies for new brands and products, rebranding, existing brands and new markets. We do so across industries including business services, education and training, staffing, IT, retail and wholesale, health care, property, manufacturing and consumer products.

Each Power of 9 brand strategy is unique. Flexibility is key. Deep and clear insights into markets and brand architecture are imperatives.

This intimate understanding of who we’re talking to and of the relationship between the brand, sub-brands, internal brands, co-brands, product brands, etc., gives us the courage to create brand strategies with built-in agility. By being able to proactively adapt to rapid, often startling change, our brand strategies have traction that is real and sustainable.

In dark economic times cracks often appear in companies. Dynamic brand strategies that recognise what markets want are like stars, lighting the way to renewed courage and vibrancy.

Power of 9’s brand strategies initiate communication that is consistent yet flexible, connects with the market, builds customer/brand relationships filled with value and human truth. In other words, relationships that last.

“A strategic creative powerhouse.”


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