In Lilly’s footsteps

This article was posted on Thursday, January 30th, 2014

When Dr Alistair Ruiters contacted Power of 9 with a request to create a brand for his new investment company, Lilly’s Footsteps, we did not realise what an inspiring journey it would be.

Lilly’s footsteps is a privately owned investment company named after Lillian Mary Ruiters, Dr Alistair Ruiter’s mother. ‘Lilly was a woman of enormous fortitude and humility. She believed that the only way to escape poverty was through education, a mission she more than fulfilled, by getting all her boys through school and University. Such was her dedication to her children that all who knew her referred to her offspring as “Lilly’s boys”. A noble and forgiving spirit, her small council flat in Grassy Park was always open to many a desperate relative or a young person who needed protection from the apartheid state.’

The brand identity we created for Lilly’s Footsteps uses Lilly’s own handwriting style taken from the numerous letters she wrote to her son.


Following the creation of the CI, Power of 9 designed and developed a website which includes a very special artwork gallery (artwork photographed by Daryl Glass for Power of 9).



“Power of 9 have a very creative way of thinking, coupled with a sharp eye for detail. From my personal experience of Catherine Herbst’s involvement in our company branding, website design, PR and article writing, and promotion materials, her work speaks a million words for itself.”


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