Bernadette Rossouw – Client Service Director

Bernadette is passionate about client service, understanding that building and maintaining sound client relationships relies on more than consistently presenting excellent strategic and creative work, it requires practical operational and service excellence. It is this high-level of service and respect for the client and their business needs that drives all of Power of 9’s client relationships.

Attention to detail defines Bernadette. Whether in an one-on-one briefing session or a group presentation, or managing a project through to successful implementation, she believes that there is no such thing as too much information; knowing and understanding all we can as a team to conceptualise, create and deliver branding solutions that are 100% right for the individual needs of our clients.


“Power of 9 was instrumental in creating ‘Kick TB’s’ fresh and vibrant ‘look and feel’ that did wonders in positively addressing a highly stigmatised disease such as TB, not only in South Africa, but globally. Power of 9 continuously gives us cutting edge innovation related to building our brand...

Dept. of Health (Kick TB)

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