"Nothing... is so powerful as an idea whose time has come"

Jimmy Hendrix
Jimmy Hendrix
Jimmy Hendrix
When Jimi Hendrix, a left-hander, took a right-handed Fender Stratocaster and played it up-side down, he turned guitar playing on its head. This 60s psychedelic voodoo child had an idea. An idea that electrified imagination, that created sounds which had never before been experienced. He kissed the sky and, in doing so, inspired the world to do so, too.


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Brand consulting

Strategic branding and marketing solutions, guidance and support to executives, management teams and entrepreneurs.
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Brand strategy & marketing planning

Developing and managing brand strategies and marketing plans that reinforce brand values, build equity and drive ROI.
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Concept & creative direction

Generating ideas, and inspiring and directing creatives to ensure that design and copy are on strategy.
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Design and development

Creative services including art direction, branding and graphic design, web design and development and photography
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Copy, content, social media & PR writing

Harnessing the power of words whether writing for a brochure, an ad, a website, Facebook or media.
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Professional business writing & presentations

Writing and developing high level business communication, award submissions, proposals and presentations
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Employer branding

Branding HR from recruitment advertising to inductions from brand internalisation to employee engagement.
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Outsourced marketing solutions

Outsourced marketing services from social media to full-service, customised to complement any size team or company.
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Brand & creative thinking workshops

Workshops designed to open minds, spark creativity, brainstorm new ideas, services and products, and revitalise brands.
Vincent van Gogh
Van Gogh
Van Gogh
A poignant elusiveness swirls around an idea that people are not yet ready to embrace. During Vincent Van Gogh’s short life the world was filled with such people. They were not ready for their brush with genius, for the brilliance emerging from the starry night of his troubled mind. He is no longer rejected. Instead his work is embraced by a world that welcomes its beauty.


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Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton
Isaac Newton
A flash of brilliance – unlike a shooting star which burns bright then dies – can lead to thought and action so powerful it can change the world. In the mid-1600s Isaac Newton watched an apple fall from a tree. Knowledge gained during years of mathematical and astrological study suddenly converged in an idea both brilliant and inspired. Isaac had discovered the force of gravity.


The idea that is Power of 9 was born in 2004 in Cape Town.

Inspired by founder and strategic creative director, Catherine Graham, Power of 9 is a strategic brand agency that, by thinking and acting beyond convention, challenges itself and its clients to conceptualise, explore and create branding that works.

Everything starts with an idea shared. Partnerships drive us. We work closely with our network of creative professionals and our clients who include business services, education and training, staffing, IT, retail and wholesale, health care, property, manufacturing and consumer products.

Whether it is brand consulting, brand strategy and marketing planning, concept and creative direction, design and development, copy writing, professional business writing or outsourced marketing solutions, our action is always preceded by a deep and clear understanding of our clients’ needs.

The ideas that emanate from this understanding are like stars in the sky – guiding, directing and reflecting a universe of possibilities.

The powers to conceptualise, creatively direct, develop strategy, synergise strategic and creative solutions, consult and write copy are our strengths. The power to inspire – not only our clients, but ourselves – is our passion.


BBBEE Level 4 with 100% procurement recognition


William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare
Ideas have power as wild as a tempest, as warm as a midsummer night. No writer has harnessed this power more masterfully than William Shakespeare. He not only penned plays and poems that stirred human emotion, he invented many, many words – amazement, lonely, suspicious; and phrases – ‘It’s Greek to me’, ‘Catch a cold’, ‘Break the ice’. The etceteras are too many to count. His legacy lives on.


  • Forget the carrot – a unique look at motivating…

    Problem: A stubborn, lazy ass needs to be motivated into action. Solution: Tie a carrot to the end of a stick; dangle it above and just out of reach of the ass you are trying to mobilise. Key success factors: The ass must like...
  • Branding with leaner, meaner budgets

    Most often it’s marketing that is first on the sacrificial altar of budget cuts. It offers the immediate gratification many organisations require at the time of forecasting in a troubled economy; calming nerves and placating shareholders or executives with leaner cost projections. However the...
  • Power of 9 fun facts

    Exercise your grey matter with these fun equations and read idioms, proverbs and sayings using the word nine. The sum of the digits of the number added to 9 is always equal to the sum of the digits of the result. Take any four...

Martha Graham

Alexander Graham Bell
Alexander Graham Bell
Today, stages pulsate with stories told through the whispering, screaming, despairing, loving language of movement. This language comes from an idea - an idea that flowed from Martha Graham in the 1920s, the mother of modern dance. Much more than merely being beautiful, modern dance is charged with inner meaning, celebrating struggles and triumphs as varied as stars in the sky.


  • Job Offered: Digital Content Manager

    Are you a digital guru who loves to create and share beautiful content online? Do you understand the power of the digital space and know how to harness it? Can you motivate a team to work meticulously to impress your fellow creatives and our...
  • Job Offered: Junior Account Executive

    Are you a highly-organised, self-motivated multi-tasker who will do what it takes to ensure your team’s success? If so, we need your excellent administration and communication skills to be the glue that keeps our client service and creative team working together effectively. Location: Cape...
  • Job Offered: Mid-Weight Front/Back-End Developer

    Do you have a can-do attitude, lots of positive energy and loads of patience? Are you a multi-tasker, a problem-solver, and a team player who is willing to do what it takes to get the job done – perfectly? If so, our fast-paced brand...

Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel
Coco Chanel
From orphanage to the catwalks of the world, Coco Chanel’s ideas snipped away the excesses of 1920s fashion into lines every woman could wear with comfort and style. When Chanel No 5 was released, Coco became rich. When she created her Little Black Dress, she became a sensation. ‘Fashion is fleeting, style is eternal’, she once said.


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